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Local Legends   The Channel Z Band has been in existence since 1997 and is a 5-piece band based in Tampa with a current member compliment that has been in force for over 10 years.   A culmination of many diverse and augmenting talents allow Channel Z to be a notch or two above your average Pop Rock Dance Band.

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To be the hardest working traveling troubadours emanating from West Central Florida poised, polished and prepared to rock your socks off with a great mix of relevant music from the 80's to the present.


Ron - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, rocket scientry and various other wizardry:   Ron hones the axe and rounds out the madness of Channel Z primarily with his guitar made in the good old U.S. of A.   And man does he have the tone, not to mention his great hairdos and quirky shirts.  He has performed with various bands and was a session player before forming Channel Z.  Some of the more recent credits to his tenure in this guitar-crazed madness include the bands Culture Shok and Curious George.  To showcase his versatility, he has performed with many of the best local favorites in the area including Sarasota Slim, Wendy and the Soul Shakers, The Dave Ware Group and The Quivering Rhythm Hounds. 

Dan - Lead Vocals, Guitar:   Dan has been playing the Tampa area local scene in many different bands for the last 23 years.  He is most known for his tenure with the original Hard Rock band Teer who signed a record deal with Now & Then/Frontier Records in the U.K. When Teer broke up in late 2001 Dan decided to look for a hard working cover band to do what he loves the most - perform.  Dan is also credited with playing in the Top 40 bands Sierra and Deja Vu before joining Channel Z.

Laurie - Lead vocals, Backing Vocals:   Laurie has been playing in local bands since she was 18.  She has been in a variety of high energy top 40 dance bands such as The Exciters and Déjà vu.  Laurie has played the last six years with the Suncoast Band which covered many types of music, and played many hot spots in the Tampa Bay area.  After many years in the dance band scene, Laurie decided it was time to rock out with her brother Dan and the Channel Z boys.

Scott - Drums:   Scott began playing the drums when he was 8 years old.  His father gave him his drums and taught Scott to play.  He started out playing with country and southern rock bands in local bars when he was 16.  Scott ventured to the west coast (Los Angeles) in 1994 and got to study with the likes of Mark Craney who played with Jethro Tull and Chris Ross who played for both Kenny Loggins and Three-Dog Night.  Also while in L.A. he sat in with Jimmy Crespo who played with Aerosmith and Rod Stewart.  Scott and his wife Melody moved to Nashville in 1996.  There he backed up various songwriters and up and coming country and christian artists including Rachel Proctor who wrote "Where Will You Be" for Martina McBride.  Scott then returned to Central Florida and furthered his talent in a band with ex-members of Reba McEntire's band and the Bellamy Brother's Band.  He now enjoys playing in the Channel Z band because he gets to perform a wide variety of music showcasing his talent and he loves all of the members so much.

Sam "Sammy" - Bass Guitars:   Sammy started playing in local clubs at the age of 16.  He was the guitar/keyboard player in the band Jenna Leah.  After some moderate success in Jenna Leah, Sam took a leave of absence from the local music scene.  Sam recently returned as the bass player for Channel Z.

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